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A frequency based philosophy for uncovering our authentic self through self awareness, conscious communication and emotional responsibility. If you would like to support us and receive perks in exchange you can visit our Patreon page.

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    How to Navigate the Balance Between Will and Trust

    There is a time to will something forward and a time to trust the process... but how do we know when and which to utilize? The conversation about intentions surrounding Aaron's house experience move forward into a discussion of when to use our will power and when to trust that everything you need will be provided.

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    How to Properly Set an Intention & Why Disappointment Typically Follows Expectations

    The phrase "set an intention" is said a lot, but what does it really mean? How do we set an intention and then manage our energy and emotions around that intention to give us the greatest chance of seeing that intention become reality. In this episode, Alexander dissects an event in Aaron's life where he had created an intention but the outcome did not reflect his expectations.

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    What it Means to Step Into Your Power and How to Practice It

    The phrase "Step into your power" is used a lot in many different circles and means many different things but what does it mean within this philosophy of wellness? Alexander shares with us his definition along with some simple guidelines on how to practice this.

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    What is Unconditional Love and The Process of Reaching It

    In previous episodes we have discussed "love", or "unconditional love", possibly being the only feeling we experience, with the rest being emotions. But how do we energetically reach unconditional love? Alexander recently had a break through on how this can be reached and he explains it while referencing our chakras.

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    How to Practice this Frequency Based Philosophy of Wellness

    The concepts in this podcast are fun and exciting to talk about but it takes a consistent effort of practicing these concepts to establish and carry out change and healing and to move our lives towards a lifestyle based around wellness.

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    Q & A w/ Alexander #1

    Alexander answers questions submitted by the listener community through the first 14 episodes.

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    Polarity vs. Duality and the Role of Acceptance when Judging What is 'Right' or 'Wrong'

    Making judgements on what is 'right' or 'wrong' or even what is 'good' or 'evil' has become a centerpiece in our society and culture but these views can often lead us to state of duality. Acceptance plays a key role as it enables us to take on a new perspective, freeing ourselves from the friction our minds can create in this state of judgement.

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    The Importance of Entertaining Multiple Perspectives

    It is near impossible for us to know every angle of a situation, but through the perspectives of others, we are able to gain invaluable insight outside of our own senses and experiences. Through this process, we tend to see that there are no right and no wrong answers which is a perspective very powerful to apply to everyday situations.

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